Menu is Live. Tuesday - Friday ***11am.-7pm.*** Dinner5pm.-7pm.

Now Serving No Contact TO GO ONLY Sold Exclusively Online

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Our New Model

In an effort to promote a safer environment for everyone, POP'S has chosen to go with a no contact, TO-GO ONLY, service which will be SOLD ONLINE exclusively.  It brings us great joy to make the freshest, most delicious food to share with you all, and we must do so in safest and most efficient manner. We have some classics, as well as new items, and we will continue to evolve, as the industry must to flourish once again. Our social media is a clear and direct way to inform you of the most current menu, and delicious things to come. USE IT AND READ IN FULL. Social media post include important information you need to order from Pop's. Simply, help us help you become the most informed and satisfied customer. Enough "speak", LET'S EAT.  

About Us

We Make it all in house. Breads, Pasta, Cakes, Pies, Cookies and many other doughs that turn into great meals. The idea for us, was take beautiful, fresh ingredients and create the food we love to share. Drawing inspiration from the PEOPLE we love, still with us or carried in our hearts, and the PLACES we've been fortunate enough to visit. We admire and study taste, technique, and craft everywhere we travel. We saw an opportunity to bring something great to the neighborhood, and we create our versions of favorite meals, experienced here at home and far and wide in wonderful adventure. We are POP's MARKET on GRACE


Pop's Market on Grace

Pops Market on Grace 415 E Grace st. Richmond Va 23219

Deli Menu Served ALL hours Dinner only 5-7pm To Go ONLY

Tuesday - Friday

11am. - 7pm.

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